Thinking About You


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The lead off single for the upcoming album 'ComMiZZerate Your Soul', releasing end of summer/early fall of 2012.



(What happened to this world of ours)
Who flipped it upside down but kept it spinning?
New nightlife in this town where I've been living outside the bright lights allow us to keep on winning so yes!
(Girl I even started drinking)
Yeah, and let me tell it straight, only raise our hands with a glass,
So elevate into the sky, don't question why, come on lets just celebrate
(You helped me through the lonely hours, I've got to spend)
Let me see your hands up and all your digits escalate
(Thinking about you)
I, I been
(Living, thinking about you)
I, I been
(Living, thinking about you)
I, I been
(Living, thinking about you)

Gonna tell a story, let me start at the beginning
this ones bout glory, so you know its bout winning
played poorly long enough, I guess that it's fitting
to be giving more away, got a problem with committing but
giving isn't dollars, can't cash in your side
never wear a collar but I'll push away my pride
problems getting smaller, won't catch up or hide
I'm a different type of scholar than you had in your eyes
passing it by like lost in translation
pattern defies all odds and calculations
doesn't matter why no laws and salutation
situations arise, thank god for gravitation
falling so gracious, got you kicking at the cloud
follow my cadence, hear it picking up the pounds
calls for my patience because I want it sticking around
and the books turning pageless, got us switching up our sound
A different type of melody, not one you've ever hear
no longer live in treachery, you'll get what you deserve
I guess they're just expecting me to test em with some nerves
always trying to get the best of me and questioning my words
I let it be a blur, I'm not concerned with what they think
better me has learned to just concur and let them sink
into the sorrows and the sorry's confessing without a shrink
I just take what lays before me only celebrate with drinks


Now it's getting comfy, use a bit more passion
know that I'm lucky, the blessings are everlasting
feeling getting touchy and the lesson that you're catching
a must section of progressive moving action
focal to vocal, with an up close addition
local to coastal, feel out words with listen
try to read folks far off in the distance,
pay close attention, it'll be gone in an instance
only use my instincts, don't sweat what happens
never have to lip sync unless its in attachment
a better man because this brings the best just relax when
we're sipping on mixed drinks, celebrate with past friends
forget about the past tense, there's no comparison
be the thoroughbred that's led before the carriages
give my everything and only ask you take care with it
so nobody leaving out the ring with embarrassment
now you check my melody and look what we have learned
this life was never meant to be a struggle that you serve
use different word densities and double up my terms
manifest our own destiny, make fire but never burn
the spell, I'd say is only meant for headphones
the smell, no spray or scent but pheromones
you can tell, I'm trying to make this house into a home
why would you pay rent towards something you can own?



released August 17, 2012
Produced by MD of the Boomsday Alliance
Recorded & Mixed by Mr H @ PartNerd Studio
Mastered by Jahbez of That's Dat Heat Productions



all rights reserved


JAY MIZZ Vancouver, British Columbia

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